"The heart of a family, tradition, love for Italy, expert hands that work wisely, a fabric that envelops you and makes you feel truly who you are, simply unique."

Now open your eyes. You have just lived the dream that we have been carrying on in Quilisia since 1946. A story that began far away, when women from all over Italy came to us with a desire: “to wear clothes that made them feel not only beautiful but also good, that made them smile. "

And from here began a story that has led us higher and higher to experiment with fabrics such as cashmere, wool-cashmere and merino wool, to use cutting-edge techniques without ever forgetting tradition and respect for the environment.

The target? Making every woman who wears Quilisia feel pampered and wrapped in a warm and soft embrace in which she rediscovers the beauty that is in her, seeing herself with different, happier eyes.

Because Quilisia is CLOTHES TO YOUR SMILE.